AAA Travel Directions

Step by step driving directions for destinations across the USA. You have to start off by entering your Zip code, and you're then taken to your local AAA site, from where you can conduct a search. Along with the driving instructions, you also get an overall route map and a closeup map showing the last few miles of the journey to the destination.

Google Maps

Sophisticated global maps with simple scroll/zoom tools, and very high resolution maps of many countries, with city-level coverage of minor locales. You can scroll directly to a point of interest on the map, or perform an address search. Satellite photo and hybrid photo/map views are also on offer. Driving directions supported in many countries, including the USA and the US, with the route being superimposed graphically on the map as well as described in bullet points.


Mapping service covering the USA and Canada. You have to start from an address search, since there's no map displayed by default. MapQuest also offers driving directions including a pictorial representation of the street signs you should be watching out for at each major milestone along the way.


Online map tool covering most of the world, divided into European, USA, UK and Australian map zones, plus lower resolution coverage of the rest of the world. Driving directions for most European countries, as well as Australia and New Zealand.


UK map service, with a wide variety of search options including street name, postcode, telephone dialling code, latitude and longitude coordinates and more. Basic controls for moving/zooming the map.

Windows Live Local

Global map service with a very slick interface, which lets you easily scroll around the world and zoom in on any point of interest. Europe and USA driving directions, with a choice of quickest or shortest routes. The route is superimposed graphically on a map, and the directions are presented as a numbered list of turns and other instructions.

Yahoo Maps

An online map of the world, which enables you to scroll around and zoom in down to street level, or home in on a particular location from an address search. Satellite photos and a hybrid map/photo view. Unlike the maps, driving directions are on offer for the USA and Canada only.

Worth a look if you're willing to pay...